3 Ways to Participate with the TTC Christian Fellowship

1. Help recruit co-workers to join your divisional prayer group
2. Become a Divisional Representative
3. Post our flyer at your division

Click here to download and print our TTC Christian Fellowship Flyer. Make sure you get permission to post flyers at your division.
Christian Fellowship
The TTC Christian Fellowship is partnering together with Bus Stop Bible Studies

To sponsor gospel ads on transit for your community please go to:
"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength".
Isaiah 40:31
TTC Chrisitan Fellowship
The TTC Christian Fellowship exist to encourage and support fellow co-workers through prayer, appreciation and recognition.  
To set up a prayer support group at your division or location please contact Margaret Elliott from Arrow Road division at: (289) 707-5433. You can also text all your prayer request to Sister Margaret. The TTC Christian Fellowship was endorsed by our former CEO Gary Webster; and has existed for more than 30 years providing prayer support and spiritual encouragement to hundreds of employees.  
Founder: David Durasame                   President: Margaret Elliott
Since 1990
Celebrating 30 years of providing prayer support & spiritual encouragement